The problem we have with Dustin Nguyen is that he's too awesome. We don't mean that in the typical Internet hyperbolic sense -- because how could a comic book artist be too awesome? -- but in a very practical sense that impacts the work we do here at ComicsAlliance. As you know, we curate a weekly illustration feature called Best Art Ever (This Week) in which we spotlight pin-ups, covers and other comics-related artwork that we encounter throughout our travels across the comics matrix. Naturally, said matrix is absolutely filthy with Dustin Nguyen art because, as we said, the artist of Batman: Streets of Gotham, Detective Comics, Batgirl, and Wildcats 3.0 is just really awesome. Dustin Nguyen is so awesome, in fact, that we dedicated last year an entire post just to his work. But the rate at which Nguyen produces his beautiful commissions, covers and other work has made it genuinely hard to keep track of what we've posted before, what we have coming up in future Best Art Evers, and what we want to use in a new Nguyen-specific gallery. It is truly screwing up the way we work around here.As such, we've thrown our hands in the air, torn up all the in-progress posts and raided Dustin Nguyen's DeviantArt profile for our most favorite pieces, which we present to you now in this massive post of awesome. This way, everything we encounter from here on out will be new, easily publishable in Best Art Ever (This Week), and allow us to finally get back to our lives.

If you like what you see here, you may be able to purchase the original artwork at Dustin Nguyen's official website.

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