Grant Morrison's upcoming animated feature based on the Indian epic "Mahabharata" may still be clearing pre-production through Liquid Comics and Perspective Studios, but "18 Days" fans will only have to wait until this summer to get an early look at the project in script book form thanks to a new partnership with Dynamite Entertainment.

Featuring Morrison's unedited scripts, story bible, character descriptions and commentary along with artist Mukesh Singh's original illustrations, the "18 Days" hardcover sounds like something of a coffee table book.

"'18 Days' is a labor of love made all the more exciting by having a collaborator as original and groundbreaking as Mukesh. His techno-Vedic superheroes and spectacular scenes of cosmic warfare bring a dazzling new and contemporary dimension to one of the world's greatest stories," said Morrison in Dynamite's official press release.Referred to as "the prototype for every war ever fought," "18 Days" re-imagines "Mahabharata," the multi-generational Indian epic that follows the battles that've defined the mythological ages of man. The project was originally announced by Virgin Comics in 2008, but has since transitioned with the company as it shifted to the Liquid Comics Banner. There's no word on timetable for "Grant Morrison's 18 Days" feature film release, but the "18 Days" script book hits stands this August.

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