If you've been looking for an excuse to jump on 2000 AD and receive the gift of thrillpower, you could certainly do a lot worse than starting with this week's Prog 1934. Not only is there a new Judge Dredd story featuring an invisible ninja assassin --- because why stop at just "ninja assassin" when you could also give him the ability to turn invisible? --- there's the first chapter of a brand-new sci-fi saga from Ian Edginton, D'Israeli and Ellie De Ville, called Helium.

Set 300 years after a worldwide conflict that left the planet shrouded in a poisonous fog, Helium tells the story of a town that exists on the shore of the fog, and the ships that sail above it, and how everyone has found a peaceful life avoiding the surface of the planet. No, wait, had my notes mixed up: It's about everything going terribly, terribly wrong and dissolving people's faces. Check out a preview below!








Here's the full solicitation for this week's issue of 2000 AD:

2000 AD PROG 1934
UK & DIGITAL: 10 June £2.45
NORTH AMERICA: 10 July $2.99
In this issue:
Judge Dredd: Blood of Emeralds by Michael Carroll, Colin MacNeil, Chris Blythe, and Annie Parkhouse
Absalom: Under A False Flag by Gordon Rennie, Tiernan Trevallion, and Simon Bowland
Sláine: Primordial by Pat Mills and Simon Davis
Helium by Ian Edginton, D'Israeli, and Ellie De Ville


If you're in the UK or plan on buying it digitally, the issue will be available this week, but here in North America, the print version might take a bit to find its way across the Atlantic. Either way, it's well worth checking out.