Webcomics: "Diesel Sweeties" ponders what it means to be "adult," in comics and in life:

TV: If you enjoyed the JSA appearance on "Smallville" earlier this season, good news! They'll be back for the season finale. [Splash Page]

Eisners: The roundups and reviews of the Eisner nominations have begun, and Terry Nantier goes to the mattresses while Chip Zdarsky offers his review of one of the more controversial noms in "oh snap" format:

Art: Hey there, "I, Zombie" preview pages. You are looking good today. [Graphic Content]

: 7-Eleven invents a new flavor, "Invincible Orange," for a Slurpee promo tie-in to "Iron Man 2." Enjoy it in these handy promotional cups! Perhaps you may even wish to collect them all.

iPad: The Jesus tablet has arrived -- are comic book shops afraid? Vaneta Rogers asks an assortment of retailers and the response is mostly positive, with some even hoping that the iPad will become their "crack dealer." [Newsarama]

MoCCA: Paul Pope draws a hot poster for the MoCCA afterparty, coming up in NYC this weekend: [Daily Cross Hatch]

Street Art: I enjoy art that asks questions. Questions like, "Dammit Michaelangelo, are you high again?" [Geekologie]

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