Regular ComicsAlliance readers will undoubtedly remember Neill Cameron as the artist whose "A to Z of Awesomeness" project brought you such amazing images as "Doctor Who Defeating Doctor Doom in a Deadly Disco Dance-Off" and "Wolverine Wishing Wonder Woman Wasn't Wasted," but now that he's gone through the entire alphabet (and a couple print runs of posters), Cameron has found a new way to amuse himself, and he wants you to be a part of it.

Starting tomorrow, Cameron -- also the creator of "Mo-Bot High," which he describes as a "Giant Robot Action Schoolgirl Comedy epic" -- is launching "Emergent Comics" in which he will draw one panel of a comic strip every day, with the catch that the strip will be written by readers who suggest the next panel over Twitter, Facebook, and blog comments. And as anyone who ever tried this exercise during a middle school creative writing class knows, things will most likely get very bizarre very quickly.According to Cameron's blog, "The idea is that from the random suggestions of the internet, some kind of coherent narrative, or some kind of entertainingly incoherent narrative, or just something interesting, will emerge," and while it's a pretty risky proposition for a creative person to put his work in the hands of a bunch of random strangers, it's something Cameron's dealt with before, too. His "Hashtag Funnies" strips, after all, were great despite the fact that they were based on whatever happened to be in Twitter's "Trending Topics" list, which generally covers the most inane topics known to man.

And yet, it provided comedy gold:

So head over to Cameron's site and get involved in collaborating with one of the best artists on the web today! It seems like something that's going to be a lot of fun.