Emma Stone's casting in the Spider-Man reboot has been a curious thing. Initially, we all thought she was Mary Jane Watson, and some side-by-side shots of Stone and Peter Parker's red-haired main squeeze convinced many of us, yours truly included, that it was a solid fit. But that optimism immediately turned into skepticism for some when it was revealed that the famously redheaded Stone would be playing the blonde Gwen Stacy.

Stone's claims that she's actually a natural blonde might not do much to win over the skeptics, but perhaps some pictures of theZombieland actress in her new 'do will do the trick. The future Spider-Man relaunch star showed off her new blonde hair at a Hollywood event over the weekend, and it looks like whoever her stylist is pretty much nailed it.

I'm already onboard the Stone band wagon, but it's an extra comfort seeing what she'll look like as Gwen. What do you think of Stone's Stacy-fied look?

See what you think below:

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