HALO 3Q: The End of the Week Explosion didn't happen last week. HALO 3 made 170 million dollars in one day and the Explosion team was not immune to HALO fever. Seacord now has no corporeal form and exists only on Xbox Live. Due to these constraints, this week's Explosion consists entirely of transcribed wireless headset conversation. How's life inside the matrix, Seacord?

What's up bro? I think my retinas may have detached so if there are a ton of typos, well, now you know why. I can't say enough about HALO 3. I've all but given myself completely to my Xbox. My priorities have been completely restructured where HALO is now the most important thing in my life. If anyone out there doesn't feel the same way they just haven't played long enough. Such are the wonders of being single, unemployed and slowly developing arthritis in my hands. I no longer know how to interact with people in a social setting and can only converse with people through a headphone. It's has it's downside as my best friend in the real world is the McDonald's drive through guy.

Q: Nerdy TV shows are ruling the airwaves. HEROES, CHUCK, BIONIC WOMAN, MOONLIGHT and REAPER all premiered recently. Did you check anything out? Bionic Woman

Like I've said before, I'm sold on Heroes and have TiVo'd Bionic Woman. I gotta admit I started watching Heroes more because 24 was awful last season. It's not starting off the best either. They are doing a great job of telegraphing some of the main story lines. I mean the one with Hiro is pretty obvious and who knows, maybe they'll throw a curve in there somewhere. Sometimes on this show I feel like they are too many story lines that they just conveniently wrap up. Last season I think Claire was brought a lot more in after her popularity skyrocketed. I don't really get what their doing with her now. Anyway as far as these other shows I'll probably only see them if my Xbox explodes. (which it might, no fan and 20+ hours of gameplay per day can't be good).

Q: I just read that Jessica Biel passed up playing Wonder Woman in the JLA movie. I can practically hear the tears of fanboys everywhere. Got any ideas for a replacement?

How about a miss Miley Cyrus, a.k.a. Hannah Montana? They can make it a trilogy...this will be a young Wonder Woman with no men in the script at all, just scenes of Themyscria. Take notes, DC. Take notes.

HSM on Ice!Q: Are you going to the Ice Capades version of HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL? I heard someone dressed like Master Chief bought all of the tickets to the local HSM: THE ICE TOUR show. Care to comment, Gunnery Sergeant Seacord?

Too much singing not enough Hannah...though I do have my front row tix to the show at the Verizon Center...Best of Both Worlds Tour here I come. I'll probably be older than the entire front row combined. Jesus I need to re-evaluate my life. Though my "platoon" agrees with me, they'd go too, but I think that's because they are all 12. Not sure...but...

Q: Seriously, all I can think about is HALO 3. I need to work on my Shotty Sniper skills. More shotty and less sniper. This is ridiculous. Also, I'm out of here. See you at High Ground!

I'll be there. I need to get better at Sniper, pretty confident with my Shotty. Guess we'll see. OK. I'm going to cover the windows up with black sheets and head back in....wish me luck.

Godspeed, Seacord. Godspeed.