If you enjoyed Darwyn Cooke's classic retelling of the Silver Age days of the Justice League of America -- the Eisner Award-winning The New Frontier, chances are you probably already know about the straight-to-DVD release slated for next year.

Thanks once again to the heads-up from the amazing and spoiler-free Batman-on-Film about the viral video of Justice League: The New Frontier that's snaking its way around the Internet.

One regret: Although producer/director Bruce Timm from the wonderful Batman: The Animated Series is working on New Frontier, I've noticed many of the voice actors featured in previous WB animated series -- most prominently Kevin Conroy, the signature voice of Batman -- were bumped this time.

On the subject of animation, Warner Bros. is taking another page from their Matrix Trilogy "cookbook" to prime the pump for next year's Batman sequel: An Animatrix-style straight-to-DVD movie that bridges the gap between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, according to IESB.net.