If you liked Phil Noto's lovely and humorous reaction to the controversial content of Catwoman #1 -- where DC Comics published a comic book in which Batman and Catwoman have graphic "on-camera" sex -- then you're probably going to enjoy this take on the subject by Eric Canete. The artist of Iron Man: Enter The Mandarin, The End League, the extremely beautiful art book ENCOR[e], and the Kevin Church-written Ultra-Humanite strip you loved so much imagines a post-coitus conversation between the Bat and the Cat in which some familiar questions are asked.

Check out the whole strip -- which is slightly NSFW -- after the cut.

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Writing on his blog, Canete offered this insight into "The Morning After":

It could be argued that if I don't like it, then I don't necessarily need to read it. That's very valid.

Ah. Fanfic porn. I love you.

PS - I think I did it wrong; I actually showed her face in the first panel instead of just... you know... not.