We dig wheeled vehicles forged in the likeness of "Neon Genesis Evangelion's" monstrous EVA units, namely Shinji Ikari's toothy, unicorn-horned EVA-01. The thing just lends itself to appropriation and nobody knows it better than Run'a Entertainment, the folks who brought fandom the EVA-01 race car and, now, a new EVA-01 racing motorcycle.

The road-racing motorcycle is a Kawasaki ZX-10R superbike with all the necessary mods to help it protect Tokyo-3 from angels...or other motorcycle's decorated to resemble the other-dimensional attackers from "Evangelion," anyway.It's got the proper purple and green paint-scheme, decals designating its place in NERV's production line and even an "exposed" headlight resembling the unit's eye.

Japanese racing fans can reportedly see the cycle in action from July 22-25 in the Coca-Cola Zero Suzuka 80Hour Endurance Road Race, which sounds like a pretty intense ordeal to me - especially if the drivers have to wear Plug Suit-inspired racing gear like their car driving counterparts. If not, I hope they look into some appropriate shoes and shorts for the race.

[Via ANN]