This week saw the release of Marvel's Civil War II prelude as part of the publisher's Free Comic Book Day offering, and for such a short story it packed a heck of a lot in. One of those story beats was the introduction of a new Inhuman named Ulysses who can see into the future, and who will be the driving macguffin of the event as lines are drawn based on whether or not heroes should use him to stop crimes before they happen.

To provide context on who Ulysses is, who he was before, and his relationship with the Inhumans, Marvel has announced a three-part digital-first series titled Civil War II: Ulysses by Al Ewing, Jefte Palo and Karl Kesel, which promises to show how the new character found his place among the Inhumans and became so sought after by the heroes of the Marvel Universe.

Announced in an interview with Blastr, Ewing elaborated that Ulysses is one of the NuHumans --- ordinary humans with Inhuman ancestry that was unlocked after exposure to the Terrigen Cloud --- and that prior to this discovery he was a normal college student.

Civil War II: Ulysses will also bring Karnak back into the fold with the Inhuman royal family, as he's mostly been off doing his own thing in his own ongoing series by Warren Ellis, Gerardo Zaffino and Roland Boschi. The series will see Ulysses train under Karnak in his Tower of Wisdom, and faced with the moral dilemma of his own powers.

Civil War II: Ulysses begins life in June as a digital-first Infinite Comic, and will be collected in print in August.


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