This summer we told you about the upcoming release of Com.X Comics' "45," a graphic novel that explores a world populated by 45 superhumans through 45 interviews. Every character's story is illustrated by a different artist, with each creator interpreting one page of the script however they best saw fit.

Now, as the OGN's December release date marches closer, Com.X has provided us with your first look between the project's 132 pages.

Written by Andi Ewington, the story follows James Stanley, a journalist whose wife has a baby on the way. Before he tests their unborn child for the superhuman "S" gene, James decides to trek around the world to interview 45 men and women who've grown up influenced by its effects. It's not long before he discovers that he's not the only one interested in these 45 people, however, as a mysterious organization known as XoDOS pursues its own agenda.

The following preview highlights the 20th interview from the OGN, featuring the art of Calum Alexander Watt alongside Ewington's text.

Check it out after the jump...2-Page Spread:



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