Despite the historically collaborative nature of the comic book medium, books are typically handled by a relatively small group of creators. One new concept, however, calls upon dozens of artists to accomplish its storytelling aims.

Com.x Ltd takes collaboration to the extreme this December with "Forty-Five," written by Andi Ewington with art by 45 individual illustrators including Liam Sharp, Jock, Sean Philips, Randy Green, Charlie Adlard and Dan Brereton.

The premise is like this, James Stanley is about to become a father in a super powered society. Rather than have his unborn child tested for the gene that determines special abilities, Stanley decides to wait while he interviews 45 powered people from all walks of life to learn from their experiences before potentially bringing a gifted child into the world. But Stanley soon discovers he's not the only one interested in these 45 after encountering a mysterious organization known as XoDOS.

Each artist worked from one page of the script, with no mandate other than to follow their own interpretation of the material.

There are plenty of preview images and additional info at the comic's official blog, but the premise seems meaty enough to revisit come December.

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