Darkwing Duck may not officially be getting dangerous in his new, four-issue miniseries from Boom! Studios until June, but interior artist James Silvani and alternate cover artist Jake Myler (below) are keeping the Terror That Flaps in the Night plenty busy with new preview sketches and cover images aplenty from "Darkwing Duck: The Duck Knight Returns" #2.

Boom! supplied ComicsAlliance with a bounty of artwork from the new series, including Silvani's thorough sketches of heroes Darkwing, Launchpad, Gosalyn and Honker, along with villains Bushroot, Megavolt, Quackerjack and Liquidator plus vehicles like the Thunderquack and weapons like DW's signature gas gun.

Here's how Boom! is billing the issue:

The Disney series that everybody is talking about! With Quackwerks' machines running out of control, only Darkwing Duck can save the city of St. Canard...but is Drake Mallard ready to once again become the terror that flaps in the night? And whatever happened to Launchpad McQuack?

Feast your eyes on Silvani's sketches and tentative Cover B, along with Myler's pending Cover A after the jump.

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