The cold desolate shores of Norway have birthed the one true black metal band, Frost Axe! Play their record backwards and enter the bowels of hell!! Only evil twins Shawn and Sam Stronghold have the metalocity to acquire an artifact that holds the key to true evil!!! know...for kids.
Black Metal #1
Oni's new manga-sized graphic novel, BLACK METAL, by Rick Spears and Chuck BB is about as metal as it gets. The story, a combination of Norse mythology, tween angst and high adventure, is a ridiculous amount of fun. The art is a blast, too. It feels both grim and cartoony and the hectic panel layouts give the whole thing a sense of inertia that keeps you barreling through the book. Basically, BLACK METAL is the SCOTT PILGRIM of hard rock.
Four mano cornutas out of five. m/ m/ m/ m/

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