In perhaps the quintessential "I can't believe no one did this sooner" moment in the brief history of the comic book/tumblr age, upcoming Uncanny X-Force scribe Sam Humphries has created "F Yeah Mohawk Storm," a tumblr page dedicated to Storm's famous coiffure from the Chris Claremont/Paul Smith era of Uncanny X-Men.

To the unmitigated delight of many (myself included), Humphries and series artist Ron Garney are bringing sexy the mohawk back in this month's Uncanny X-Force #1. In November ComicsAlliance spoke with Humphries and artist Kris Anka, who designed Storm's new look, about the mohawk's return. Now, with issue #1 due in stores January 16th, Humphries has found the ultimate way to promote comics' ultimate 'do.I highly encourage you to check out the tumblr for yourself, but here's the original appearance of Mohawk Storm, courtesy of Paul Smith:

And here's my personal favorite, from Cliff Chiang:

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