We see relevant pop culture alphabet redecos on a pretty regular basis around these parts. Why, who could forget Sean Murphy's awesome Wolverine ABC's or Brandon and Emma Peat's "A is for Ackbar" series of Star Wars letters? It's hard to suffer from any kind of design fatigue, though, when artists like Fabian Gonzalez keep crafting fun new takes on the symbols that make up our written language. See his new "ABC Superheroes" poster after the jump to see which of your favorite costumed crime fighters made the cut.Admirers can pick up a copy of the print over at Gonzalez's Society6 page. Prices range from $14-50ish depending on dimensions, and you can even pick it up on a number of other items, like t-shirts and hoodies. All you pre-school/kindergarten teachers know what to do.

Click the poster below for a larger look at Gonzalez's "ABC Superheroes."

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