As a followup to its debut trailer, Telltale Games has released a handful of new images from its new Fables prequel game, The Wolf Among Us. Two of the shots indicate lead character Bigby Wolf will be in a fightin' mood for much of the game, though the others prove he'll show his inquisitive side, too.

In an interview with Mashable,  lead writer Pierre Shorette said Bigby is far more in control of his surroundings than Lee, the protagonist of Telltale's last comics-based game series, The Walking Dead, was.

"Everyone is judging you at all times as Bigby, because everyone knows you," he said.



From the shots, it looks like several characters from the comic will be making appearances, including Snow White, Colin the pig, and Magic Mirror. It also seems to have similar gameplay to The Walking Dead, focusing quite a bit on dialogue choices and interacting with environments.

The game will launch with its first episode this fall on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC and Mac.