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Finally, a superhero musical where everybody is supposed to get horribly injured. Hulk: Inside and Out is a comically low-budget response to the it-never-gets-old absurdity of this inescapable fact: U2 has written the score of a Julie Taymor-directed musical based on Spider-Man that's so expensive and physically dangerous that it straddles the line between vulgar and amazing. The Hulk spoof features original music by comedy/video troupe Captain Hippo that integrates memorable lyrics from several Bon Jovi songs... just because.

Captain Hippo released their Hulk at just the right moment, just days after 60 Minutes featured the Spider-Man production and Conan O'Brien had his fun with it on his late night comedy show.

Check out Hulk: Inside and Out after the jump.

What do you think of the Hulk's musical rampage? Would it be a "smash" on Broadway?

[Via io9]