Though the storyline sounds a bit like the name of a fraternity house, I'm willing to bet there are considerably fewer togas and "walks of shame" in the upcoming "Fall of the Hulks Gamma" from Jeph Loeb and John Romita Jr.:

"This is the issue that changes everything-and you can't miss the shocking ending as an unholy union may spell the end of the Marvel Universe as it ignites the most incredible of wars! And if that wasn't enough, just which long thought dead characters-yeah, plural-are back?"

So, a death, a war, and a resurrection? I wonder if the character who dies at the beginning of the issue is one of the few who returns at the end? That would totally mess with all those old-school readers who complain about the so-called decompressed storytelling in modern comics.

Whatever fate awaits the jade and crimson (and blue and kind of tan) giants this December 23, the oversized special features a lot of creepy funeral smiling, which I find wonderful.