Digital comic readers, rejoice: One of the best comic series ever created is now available to buy online, with the news that Fantagraphics Books has signed a deal with ComiXology to bring Love and Rockets to mobile devices worldwide.As part of the 30th anniversary celebrations for the classic series by Jaime, Gilbert and Mario Hernandez, Fantagraphics has released the first four issues of current series Love and Rockets: New Stories on ComiXology, with the fifth scheduled to be released simultaneously in digital and print this September. In addition, the publisher will release "certain titles from their extensive front list and back catalogue" on the platform in following months.

Talking about the partnership, ComiXology CEO David Steinberger said in an announcement that he has "long been a fan of Hernandez Brothers' work, and couldn't think of a better way to kick off our new relationship with Fantagraphics," adding that "there are many happy people in the comiXology offices today." Fantagraphics' associate publisher Eric Reynolds explained that the publisher had "been exploring out digital options for a few years now, and the more I learned, the more I kept coming back to ComiXology."

If you've never read Love and Rockets before, this is a great chance to get indoctrinated. The fourth issue of New Stories was one of Comics Alliance's Best Comics of 2011, and Maggie and Hopey made our list of the 50 comics and characters that resonate with LGBT readers. Go, take a look at what the Hernandez brothers can do and fall in love.

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