Marvel closed out a week of tantalizing teaser imagery with confirmation that not only will Fantastic Four return for its 600th issue, but its spinoff book, FF, will also continue. Both series are written by Jonathan Hickman and are part of a mega-plot he's been constructing since he took over Fantastic Four in 2009 (one that our own David Uzumeri has been annotating prodigiously). The teasers indicate that FF's Steve Epting will be replaced by Juan Bobillo, beginning with November's issue #12.

Also coming in November will be issue #1 of Thor: The Deviants Saga, a five-issue miniseries by Robert Rodi and Stephen Segovia, and Victor Von Doom #1, beginning a four-issue miniseries by Nick Spencer and Becky Cloonan.

Check out the full images below and let us know what you think.

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