The Boston Globe reaches out to superparents and Sue and Reed Richards in an article titled "What to do if you child has superpowers: A FAQ for concerned parents." And apparently written by a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Healthcare Policy at Harvard Medical School!

Q. My child shows a strong interest in villainy. Should I be concerned?

A. Presumably you oppose your child's desire to become a super-villain, a position I wholeheartedly endorse. However, my experience has taught me that being intent on world domination is a phase that everyone goes through. If these feeling persist, however, consider allowing them to control a small region populated by self-aware robots. This will give them a sense of responsibility and ownership, and make them aware of the burdens that come with dominion over a society. Very likely, they will grow tired of the iron grip they hold over their mechanical citizenry, and revert to a life of defending humanity against the dark lords of evil and chaos.

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