The Mego-meisters at Figures Toy Company have been making 8" action figure waves with their faithful recreations of vintage Batman toys, but this week's image rollout hits like cartoonish onomatopoeia reading "Rad!" A new line consisting of Batman, Robin, Riddler and Joker figures is set to arrive in April, sporting all of FTC's Mego-like style and some very modern touches -- and that's a good thing. After all, these Adam West, Burt Ward, Frank Gorshin and Cesar Romero likeness seem a bit more accurate than what Mego might've manufactured four decades ago.

Set to retail for around $25 a piece when they arrive at retail and online, the four Batman '66 figures are accompanied by a special carrying case that's already available for $50.

The figures are in full scale with FTC's first comics-centric "Retro" wave, plus the second  and third waves that are set to arrive in January, meaning collectors won't have too much trouble expanding their shelves with 8" tall articulated action figures donned in cloth apparel.

Now all fans have to do is wait patiently for that Egghead figure that's surely set to arrive in the second Batman '66 wave...



[Via Figures Toy Company]