UPDATE: Avengers cover updated with Nova and Vision. Uncanny Inhumans silhouette cover added below.

All-New All-Different Avengers is one of two Marvel Free Comic Book Day titles, alongside Secret Wars #0, and while the latter sets the stage for Marvel's multiversal summer event, the former is our first look at what the new Marvel Universe will look like after Secret Wars --- so of course, Marvel is only telling us so much. The publisher has now revealed a cover for the Free Comic Book Day All-New All-Different Avengers comic, but most of the cover remains in silhouette.

Still, that won't stop us from wildly speculating (and maybe even making some informed guesses).

All-New All-Different Avengers was previously teased with a cover that was all black but for the logos, but the Free Comic Book Day website has promised that the book will be "your first taste of the all-new Marvel Universe as a blockbuster top secret Avengers creative team sets out on a new adventure that will have fans begging for more! Who will be Earth’s Mightiest Heroes when the dust settles from SECRET WARS? Find out here!"

Ms. Marvel and the female Thor were the first heroes revealed on artist Jerome Opena's cover, and the presence of this Thor will reassure those fans who worried her story would come to an abrupt end in Secret Wars, despite Marvel's assurances that she would be around for years. As for Kamala Khan, I'm not sure who would be more excited to have her on an Avengers team, her or us.

The second version of the cover confirms that the character on the lower right is the current Nova, Sam Alexander. Alongside Kamala and Miles, that makes an unusually young Avengers line-up, though all of those characters are at the front, so maybe we're looking at a row of trainees. The second version also reveals Vision with the cape and collar, as many had already guessed. (Incorrect guesses included Blue Marvel, Spectrum and Doctor Strange.)

We have a strong feeling that the figure at the front is a Spider-Man, and we think and hope it might be Miles Morales. The central figure behind him is obviously Captain America, aka Sam Wilson --- the wings and shield are a dead give away. That leaves one flying figure unaccounted for. Tradition dictates an Iron Man to join the Thor and the Cap, though the mysterious figure on the left has a very slender armor. Superior Iron Man? Pepper Potts? Or someone new?

David Bednar on Twitter had his own theory for who all the silhouettes might be, and it's a theory that will please old school New Warriors fans.


David Bednar
David Bednar


Bring back Silhouette!

As for the green hands of the foe the new Avengers are rushing towards; it's not a Hulkish green. Could it be Chen-Lu, the Radioactive Man? Or does tradition dictate that this team of villains be assembled by another, greener iteration of Loki?

Whoever makes up the final roster, there are encouraging signs here that Marvel is committed to creating a more diverse Avengers line-up, one that better reflects the audience and embraces some of the publisher's younger heroes. Of the four characters revealed, two are women and three are people of color. If our guesses are correct, though, there aren't nearly enough women on the roster, and we still don't seem to have our first actively serving LGBT Avenger.

Less ripe for speculation is a second silhouette-heavy cover that Marvel released a few hours later for Uncanny Inhumans, with art by Nick Bradshaw. This features two more familiar faces, Medusa and Inferno. Both star in the current ongoing Inhumans titles, so the other silhouettes may also be established characters from those books.

The updated version of the cover reveals a reptilian lady named Naja. Realistically, that may very well be Kamala Khan/Ms Marvel again at the back right.


Nick Bradshaw
Nick Bradshaw

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