It's been a long time since we learned of the development of a brand new series of Thundercats, but the first looks at what the show will look like are finally leaking out. Toy manufacturer Bandai debuted at the in-progress London Toy Fair some prototypes for a new line of Thundercats action figures and vehicles based on the new series, and some enterprising attendees snuck some forbidden phone camera pictures out of the event. This prodigious piracy prompted producers (HA HAAA!) to release an official image of the new Thundercats in action, which you can check out after the jump.

The new character designs are incredibly reminiscent of the original Thundercats, far more so than we would have expected given Hollywood's penchant for "raping our childhoods" or whatever. Panthro and Tygra have taken on a slightly more badass look, and the once skimpily outfitted Lion-O has covered up with a lot of body armor. Presumably because we're all 20 years older now, Cheetara has stripped down to a sports-bra/vest thing with her stomach exposed (which is not to say she doesn't look great, mind). Lion-O, Cheetara and Panthro have kept the weapons most associated with them, but Tygra seems to have added a blaster to his arsenal.

We're especially fond of Lion-O's DragonBall-style hair. What do you think? "Thunder! Thunder! Thundercats! (KAMEHAME)HAAAAAAA!!!" No? Oh, well.

As you would expect, Bandai has created action figures based on the character designs from the new Thundercats series. But also on display in London was a Thundertank, a Thunderbike, and what looks to be a very cool toy version of Lion-O's famous Sword of Omens. Topless Robot reports that a 8" collector's line will also be developed, beginning with Lion-O as he appeared in the 1980s series.

The new Thundercats is produced by Japanese animation house STUDIO4°C and Warner Bros. Animation, including producers/writers Sam Register, Michael Jelenic, Todd Casey and Ethan Spaulding, who between them have contributed to the success of such animated hits as Teen Titans, Ben 10, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Avatar: The Last Airbender and the Wonder Woman animated feature. Purported to be darker and with more of an anime aesthetic than the classic 1980s series, Thundercats will debut on Cartoon Network sometime this year.

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