Last year, Darwyn Cooke made waves with his adaptation of Donald Westlake's novel "The Hunter," starring the eponymous Parker. This hard-edged crime drama stacked up critical acclaim from nearly all corners of the Internet and won an Eisner this summer for "Best Adaptation from Another Work." This October, Cooke adapts the third novel in the Parker series, "Parker: The Outfit," in which Parker goes up against a nationwide network of organized crime in a flurry of heists and violence. "The Man With the Getaway Face" was released at Wondercon 2010 and serves as both a preview for "The Outfit" and the first chapter of the book. Beyond that, though, art has been scarce... until now. Hit the jump for some of the Web's first images from "The Outfit."The eagle-eyed Paul Montgomery of iFanboy noticed that Amazon, of all places, has an exclusive preview for "The Outfit." If you visit the page for the graphic novel and click on the cover, you'll be treated to an extended preview of the first few pages of what's likely a shoe-in for one of the best books of the year. And even better -- clicking "Surprise Me!" after the last page of the preview opens up a second preview, this time of pages 140-144.

The second preview is fairly spoiler free, unless you already know the source material, so click without fear and feast your eyes on some "Outfit" action. The blue color in the preview is not the final color of the book, though. Like "The Hunter," Cooke drew and toned the book in blue, which will later be corrected to another color. Perhaps the light orange of "The Man With the Getaway Face," or the gunmetal gray of "The Hunter."

We've clipped a few panels to whet your appetite. Check them out below: