Arguably the most crucial Grant Morrison work presently out-of-print, Flex Mentallo will finally be made available in a deluxe hardcover volume this Fall courtesy of original publisher Vertigo. Spun-out of Morrison's run on Doom Patrol and featuring artwork by frequent collaborator Frank Quitely, 1996's four-issue Flex Mentallo parodied the ubiquitous Charles Atlas ads seen in comic books for years, where scrawny young boys were encouraged to purchase Atlas products to help them bulk up to repel bullies and attract women. Vertigo ran afoul of the Charles Atlas company, and a reprint seemed until now an impossibility.
Along with the Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman issues of Miracleman/Marvelman, Morrison & Quitely's Flex Mentallo is among the most frequently traded comics on the file-sharing scene. One can't help but wonder how much Flex money has been lost to piracy over the last decade, but many devout Morrison and Quitely fans still have yet to read this now-mythical work. The reprint announcement was made Tuesday morning on Vertigo's Graphic Content blog, where it was also indicated that the Flex Mentallo hardcover would come with some form of bonus material.

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