As one of the few newspaper comic strips that manages to balance universal gags with fun nerd commentary, this weekend's "FoxTrot" was pretty endearing as creator Bill Amend took a moment to address what the upcoming April release of the iPad could mean for comics - specifically Marvel and DC's superhero titles. Of course, the technology loving Jason can't help but take a jab at one of the device's most notable deficiencies.

The question of whether the device can truly "save" comics met with the fact that Apple's premiere tablet doesn't support Flash makes for a pretty fun gag that most comic readers can really appreciate. As something of an Apple guy (but not in an elitist way - I swear) I admit that the iPad's browser limitations have kept me from pre-ordering the device and could likely prevent a purchase altogether...unless I can start downloading mainstream content in synch with print releases of course.

Bottom line: If I had a cubicle and bought newspapers, this timely strip would be hanging on my wall with pride.[Via The Comics Curmudgeon]

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