As a guy who worked at a comic book store for six long years, I can definitely confirm that there are few things in this world that comic book readers love more than Taco Bell. This month, however, the good people at the Bell are giving fans of awesome art a reason to head for the border that does not involve the sheer culinary wizardry of making a taco shell out of Doritos: Three Fraggle Rock books for younger readers, written and illustrated by ComicsAlliance favorite Katie Cook!This isn't the first time that the Bell has gone after one of our favorite comic book creators, either. Last year, their kids meals included exclusive all-ages Marvel books by folks like the phenomenal Colleen Coover and the team behind Atomic Robo, Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegner. I'm not even kidding when I say that Team Robo's story was one of my favorite comic books of the year, mostly because it involved Tony Stark having a business meeting with the ever-malevolent M.O.D.O.K.:

Cook's work, on the other hand, is part of a mild Fraggle renaissance that has resulted from a whole new generation of kids being introduced to the franchise through DVDs, re-runs on the Hub, and -- fittingly enough -- new comics. And there's another feature to the Taco Bell books, too: They're printed bilingually, which makes them a pretty handy educational tool for anyone who wants to learn Spanish through the power of radish-loving, cave-dwelling muppetry:

Who knew that the Spanish word for "Fraggle" was "el Fraggle?"

Personally, I wish that the Bell had gone all out with the project and packaged with stuff like Doozer crystal tacos and spicy radish sauce, but as a guy who grew up watching Fraggle Rock, Cook's stories are enough incentive on their own to get me to swing by for a Fourthmeal that includes awesome cartooning with a side of nostalgia.

For a closer look at the art, check out Cook's website!

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