One of our favorite releases of this year was Dark Horse's The Black Beetle: No Way Out. Written, drawn and colored by Francesco Francavilla, the book was an intravenous injection of all the artist's visual obsessions: pulp, mystery, noir, masked crime-fighters, vintage cinema and graphic design. Necrologue, Francavilla's follow-up to the acclaimed (especially by us) series adds another element to the aesthetic mix: horror.

The news comes via CBR, to whom Francavilla said, "One of the goals when I first started working on The Black Beetle was to try to tackle all the classic genres that are so dear to my heart. After the more noir-centric action of the first mini, I'm planning to push a little more on the horror pedal for the second one. As usual, my horror is more about setting a mood rather than showing severed limbs."

Francavilla also noted that the subtitle, Necrologue, refers to the "series of deaths" that will complicate the life of Colt City's enigmatic hero. The miniseries launches in October.


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