On sale tomorrow from Dark Horse is The Black Beetle: Night Shift #0, an uncommonly beautiful little comic book written, drawn and colored by Francesco Francavilla. Originally serialized in the pages of the similarly auspicious Dark Horse Presents anthology, The Black Beetle is the purest expression yet of Eisner-winning artist Francavilla's love for pulp, mystery, noir and superhero aesthetics, qualities that art fans have seen on display in a major way with his more than 70 cover illustrations released in 2012 alone. Read on and discover what's plainly the best-looking book on the stands this week.Night Shift #0 is designed to introduce readers to the world of the enigmatic Black Beetle, a masked crime fighter operating in the fictional Colt City who will star in his own full-length story, No Way Out, starting in January. Perhaps best known to ComicsAlliance readers for his artwork in Batman: The Black Mirror, Francavilla's The Black Beetle has also been praised by Jim Steranko, Warren Ellis, Gail Simone, Rick Remender, Steve Niles, and perhaps most notably Matt Wagner, the great Grendel creator who knows a thing or two about dark crime comics.

But don't take their word for it, check out a few pages of The Black Beetle: Night Shift below.


When a powerful totem of dark magic shows up at the Colt City Natural History Museum, Hitler sends his fearsome Werwolf Korps to collect the piece. Unfortunately for the führer, Colt City's protector, the Black Beetle, is on the case!

From the mind of 2012 Eisner Award winner Francesco Francavilla (Batman: The Black Mirror). Collects three Dark Horse Presents stories from issues #11–#13.

The Black Beetle: Night Shift #0 goes on sale Wednesday in finer comics shops and digitally from Dark Horse Digital.

Coming in January is The Black Beetle: No Way Out #1 (of four), which Francavilla has been promoting with some teaser images that amount to full on classic cinema lobby cards, essentially blowing everyone else's "teasers" out of the water. Click the images to enlarge:

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