On sale now from Dark Horse is Black Beetle: No Way Out #2, continuing cartoonist Francesco Francavilla's first long-form serial starring the eponymous costumed detective. A dedicated student of noir, pulp and superhero stylings as well as the work of classic masters like Joe Kubert and Will Eisner, Francavilla is a ComicsAlliance favorite who's synthesized with the Black Beetle a comic book that in just two issues (the sold-out Black Beetle #0 and Black Beetle #1) has delighted everyone who's read it including other comics sites and creators -- notably Jim Steranko and Matt Wagner, two artists who know something about adventure and noir comics. If this is all sounding too effusive, I do personally know one guy who doesn't like it -- but he hates everything.

Naturally, part two of No Way Out picks up where we left off with the Black Beetle; hot on the trail of a dangerous new villain who's dispatched all the Colt City crime families in a single stroke, and learning the secrets of a strange amulet around which the entire mystery revolves. Check out six beautiful pages below.

The Black Beetle: No Way Out #2 is on sale now in finer comics shops and digitally from Dark Horse Digital, where you can also find issues #0-1.

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