This Saturday comic shops and other participating retailers will giveaway scads of free titles as part of Free Comic Book Day 2010. In anticipation, Dark Horse comics has provided us with an exclusive digital story to share a full day in advance, which should serve as something of a springboard for Saturday's print comics haul. It's not a proper print title, but it is definitely worth a read.

"Tobb: The Sling" by Ron Chan is an action-packed, but very all-ages 8-page adventure detailing the quest of a boy and his talking capybara. There's monster vanquishing, snappy humor and more than a few good-natured links to a certain classic video game. From solving puzzles to considering treasure to slaying monsters, gamers will likely get a kick out of the young quester's insightful (near meta) commentary. Even if you've never powered up a gaming console, the fun tale carries itself just fine with bright colors and striking visuals.

Give the entire short story a read after the jump.

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