What's that you say? You really wanted to read the new Shazam backup strip by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank, but didn't want to pay $3.99 and buy the entire Justice League #7 for just a handful of pages? With one magic word -- well, really, a special download code, but poh-tay-to, poh-tah-to -- a free digital version of the first episode can be yours for free... but only if you act as fast as (magic) lightning.DC is using last week's first episode of the new Shazam! reboot as a carrot to get fans to sign up for its online newsletter, rewarding those who do with a free download code for an exclusive digital version of the back-up feature. But in order to take advantage of the possibility of Free Big Red Cheese, you should sign up immediately; the offer is only open until 11 am Eastern tomorrow. It shouldn't take the wisdom of Solomon to realize that now might be a good time to use the speed of Mercury and... okay, I've already run out of ways to work in the "HAZA" part of the acronym. Just go and sign up for the code already. Free comics!

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