There's a new Marvel movie on the horizon, so that means there are also new Funko collectibles looming ahead as well.

It's a foregone conclusion at this point that if a thing exists, it will have a Funko toy of some sort. I can't think of a single other solitary company that provides as many figures and bobbleheads for many disparate properties. Funko's hands are literally in everything. Now, you can count on them bringing you all the Doctor Strange goodies you can possibly handle.

Initially, the only Doctor Strange Pop you could find was the one exclusive to San Diego Comic-Con in July. That figure featured the good doctor projecting some mystical energy, but the upcoming mass market versions will all be sans magic. You'll just have to pretend Strange is conjuring some spells conjuring the hoary hosts of Hoggoth.

The four major characters from the upcoming film all get Pops, though the only one who gets any kind of interesting pose is the Ancient One. I understand that Kaecilius is the bad guy in the film, and his face looks really gross, but uh, his face looks really gross. It's kind of a turn off in buying the figure for me. All four of the key players will be available separately or in a special Disney Store-exclusive set.

Doctor Strange will also get two alternate exclusives at Target and Walmart. The Target version is the same mold as the standard figure, though cast in a translucent, shimmering gold to give the impression he's projecting on the Astral plane. Walmart's merely removes the cape and gives him some of those trademark magic hands in the pose.

Everyone but the Ancient One will also get a Dorbz figure, which is an odd choice given that the Ancient One is replaced by a generic zealot of Kaecilius'. Even in Dorbz form, there is nothing cute about that face. It takes elements of the old V series that were kind of campy and creepy, but still fun, and turns them into a straight-up terrifying vision of what it looks like when someone's face starts falling off. You can't cute that up. You just can't.

All of the figures will start hitting retail this October, right around the time Doctor Strange arrives in theaters.



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