Following in the footsteps of their Cartoon Network (and Boom! Studios) compatriots from Adventure Time, the Regular Show crew are set to receive the Funko Pop Vinyl figure treatment this fall. Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man, Skips and Benson are the first characters from the park getting figures.

This lineup leaves fans to ponder when and if Pops, Hi Five Ghost or goat intern Thomas may join the fray. Also missing are the show's most prominent female characters Margaret and Eileen. If this RS wave is as popular as AT's has been, it should likely signal a second release roster from Funko down the road, though.

While preorder site details vary, these figures could either arrive in stores as early as the end of August or as late as October. In the meantime, fans can scroll down to scope out all of the upcoming figures so they know what to look for when they arrive at their regular shopping haunts.



[Via Funko]