Funko's applied its plushy touch to Marvel and DC heroes (among about a dozen other licenses) over the past years with aplomb, but looking through the toymaker's new catalog, it appears 2011 is a big year for their vinyl offerings. Fans of Funko's POP! Heroes line will find plenty of plucky plastic in the form of new Marvel and DC lines six characters strong, plus movie characters from this summer's Thor, Captain America: The First Avenger and Green Lantern blockbusters. Take a look after the jump.Here's how some of the new characters appearing in the Funko catalog break down by line:

DC Universe

- Hawkman

- Green Arrow

- Aquaman

- Two-Face

- Shazam

- Martian Manhunter

Classic Marvel

- Captain America

- Iron Man

- Hulk

- Spider-Man

- Thing

- Wolverine

Thor: The Mighty Avenger

- Thor

- Loki

Captain America: The First Avenger

- Captain America

- Red Skull

Green Lantern

- Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)

- Sinestro

There's no firm price point or release date for the figures, although sites like BigBadToyStore have preorder listings starting at $9.99 that estimate August arrival.

See Funko's catalog's concept illustrations of their upcoming offerings below:

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