Gabriel Hardman attracted attention with Jeff Parker drawing the Agents of Atlas before signing on exclusively with Marvel to take on The Hulk. His back catalog of sketches covers Marvel and DC characters alike, though, and he has an odd way of making heroes as new as Ultimate Hawkeye or as old as Superman instantly appear classic.
Hardman wields vintage touch along the lines of Darwyn Cooke, but as you can see on his deviantART account, he keeps his faces and figures just a little more organic. That's made him a great fit for superhero books, and he's proven himself capable of adapting to a wide variety of body types.

His punk Storm, Green Arrow and Flash Gordon takes instantly capture the time periods they come from, and that probably represents a talent that Marvel editors first saw when they paired him with Parker. Have a look at a handful of our favorites below and find out if you agree.

[Via The Beat]

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