As you might expect from someone who starts relationships by explaining to his dates that they will never truly be able to replace Batman in his heart, I have had some pretty rough breakups in my time. That said, they've never been so bad that I felt the need to dedicate six years of my life to a round trip through interstellar space just to get a little closure, and apparently that puts me one step ahead of Steven Paxon, the star of Dark Horse's new sci-fi series, Deep Gravity.

Written by Gabriel Hardman and Corinna Bechko, with art by Fernando Baldo and a series concept by Dark Horse's Mike Richardson, the series starts with exactly that journey, with Steven halfway through a six-year round trip, having journeyed three years just to ask Michelle, the woman who broke his heart, why she had to. Also, and this is key, a giant green alien elephant tree monster is also involved. Check out a preview below!

As a writing team, Hardman and Bechko have already worked on high-quality cult favorites for Dark Horse's licensed sci-fi lines, including the acclaimed Star Wars Legacy and Planet of the Apes, but in this series they're not beholden to any overarching franchise, something that lends itself to some pretty interesting possibilities and takes off whatever shackles may have been holding back one of comics' most exciting teams.

Deep Gravity #1 is set for release on July 30.