Writer Gail Simone, who is getting ready to wrap up a sometimes-tumultuous run on Batgirl, has started a new Tumblr called Comics Survival Kit that aims to help up-and-coming or aspiring comic creators navigate the tricky landscape that is professional comics work.

Below are some links to a few choice posts on the blog. It's worth perusing the whole thing, but these are great places to start.

In her intro post, Simone said the site would serve as a resource to those people who ask creators at cons how to break into comics. She adds:

The problem is, we are usually asked this question at conventions, or by quick emails, and the answers are immense. We can’t possibly cover these topics in any real way in a brief answer, let alone over and over again.

The idea of the Comics Survival Kit is to provide as much helpful information as possible. Both practical and theoretical. For writers, artists and more.

That all comes with one warning: No arguing. Just take in the advice and do with it as you will.

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