In our recurring feature, ComicsAlliance imagines a finer world to bring you a look at the Best Comics Ever that Did Not, Will Not, and occasionally Can Not Happen! We're sad to bid farewell today to our regular Great Comics That Never Happened artist, Rusty Shackles, who has moved on to other projects, but we'll have a slew of guests artists from comic books and webcomics filling in in the weeks to come. This week, just in time for Halloween, Nate Bellegarde, artist of Hector Plasm, joins Chris Sims for the cosmic horror crossover we've been waiting for!

Tomb of Dracula Halloween Special #16 (1988)

Writer: "Creepy" Chris Sims

Artist: "Necromantic" Nate Bellegarde

Dracula has always been a creature of hubris, but when he feeds on the boundless energies of Galactus, he may well have doomed us all! Yes, Dracula now possesses the Power Cosmic, but he wasn't expecting the Devourer of Worlds to rise as the NEW Lord of the Vampires! Now, Cosmic Dracula has been pressed into service as the Herald of Galacula, seeking out worlds to slake his master's thirst for blood! But when their attention turns to Earth, will Dracula forsake even his former home in the name of Cosmic Vampirism? And even if he doesn't, is there any power on Earth that can stop the invasion of an entire planet of vampires? Brace yourselves, heroes of Earth: GALACULA THIRSTS!

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(A special GCTNH tip-of-the-haunted-house-helmet to Brian Jorgensen)