Even though I take my share of shots at the graveyard that is the newspaper funnies page, thanks to the lively wit of The Comics Curmudgeon, I'm often reminded that a few cute strips defy logic by retaining some semblance of reader appeal. I hate to admit this, because it reminds me of my insufferable humanity, but I've enjoyed the past few days of superhero-themed "Garfield" strips by Jim Davis.

Take a look at today's strip to see what I mean:

Earlier installments have included Garfield claiming napping as a superpower and effectively scolding his roomie for pooping on a rug. It's not brain surgery for rocket scientist Sherlocks, but sometimes seeing Garfield and Odie donned in capes speaking nonsense is kind of good for the soul. At least in this context. The extreme of this concept is actually kind of really bad for the soul.

Why, the stark cuteness of these strips is almost enough to suppress my burning disdain for "Family Circus" for a few seconds.

Ha! Not really. I'm not sure anything is capable of that.