In an age of body washes and loofahs, it's sometimes easy for the exfoliating comics fan to forget about bar soap. Geeksoap's comics and sci-fi friendly novelty bars of soap are just the gentle reminder fans might need to recall how much fun the cleaning compound can be when its utility is amplified by aesthetic. For about $5 a bar, you can score washable arc reactors and other iconic emblems of your fiction of choice that will leave you smelling like clean linen.If you've been on the fence about splurging on a novelty soap before, but didn't take the plunge, Geeksoap's currently running a 30 percent off anniversary sale promotion (with the proper use of a checkout code), which could scrub the indecision from your mind. At the reduced sale price, the geeksoaps aren't much more expensive per bar than conventional soaps. So even if you can't bring yourself to plop one in the tub, you can make like my mom used to and store them in a closet to keep garments smelling righteous.

Check out a few of our favorite Geeksoaps below:

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