TV: Eric Martsolf shows off his Booster Gold duds, which fans can see in action on April 22 episode of Smallville. [The Daily Blam]

Whuzah?: Robin Williams is going to play the ghost of a tiger in an upcoming Broadway show Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo, the plot of which sounds suspiciously similar to Brian K. Vaughan and Niko Henrichon's Pride of Baghdad. [Yahoo]

Movies: Leonard Nimoy will voice Optimus Prime's older brother Sentinel Prime in this summer's Transformers: Dark Of The Moon. But can even his saintly sci-fi touch save the film from Michael Bay? [MTV]

Music: The dudes from Jason Munday Music mash up a trifecta of classic cartoon theme songs including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, DuckTales and Pokémon. [Topless Robot]

Soap: There's a Method to Disney's Mickey and Minnie liquid soap bottle licensing madness! HAW! [Super Punch]

Live: If you're in LA on April 11, we recommend a visit to Meltdown Comics to see MC Adam WarRock and comedian Baron Vaughn perform. If you can't go to the show, it's nice to simply behold the wonderful event poster by Rusty Shackles. [Adam WarRock]

Movies: The newest Thor clip gives players a closer look at Chris Hemsworth's stunning performance... of being stunned. [SuperHeroHype]

Gaming: Mega Man Universe is canceled! We only tried the demo this past fall, but it's a shame we won't get the chance to play as Box Art Mega Man anytime soon... [Kotaku]

Art: Heritage Auction Galleries will put an iconic splash page from Frank Miller's original The Dark Knight Returns on the auction block in May and odds are they won't draw the line at $2.99. [The Dallas Observer - Thanks, Nick!]

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