Geeky burlesque has been thriving of late in places like Los Angeles and New York City, which is logical given the at least perceived confluence of creativity and shapeliness in either locale. In accordance with pop culture entropy, however, the initial undress of inherently attractive comic book, video game and science fiction characters has apparently already given way to GWAR-like depravity. Behold: Slimer from "Ghost Busters." With boobs. Dancing.

Asylum attended Epic Win's GB themed burlesque show over the weekend and left with enough photographic evidence of the supernatural to make even the bros from "Ghost Adventures" blush. Slimer wasn't the only spook to shake its moneymaker either, with dancers portraying Dana, Gozer and even a female Stay Puft.

Check out Asylum's video of dancer Bonnie Voy'age shedding some serious ectoplasm after the jump to see if you still ain't afraid of no (naked) ghosts. Just remember, it's kind of weirdly NSFW and your co-workers may not be ready to believe you.

[Via Asylum]