Following the success of the recent Ghost miniseries from Kelly Sue DeConnick and Phil Noto, and increasing Dark Horse's efforts to develop their superhero comics, today the publisher announched the launch of a Ghost ongoing series. DeConnick will be returning, with Christopher Sebela joining her as co-writer and Ryan Sook providing interior art. Issue #1 will have a cover from Terry Dodson and a variant cover from Paolo Rivera, which you can view below.

Sebela and DeConnick have previously worked together on some issues of Captain Marvel. In an interview on CBR interview, DeConnick spoke about how their collaboration on Ghost would differ:


Chris and I had worked together before on "Captain Marvel." This is different, though. I don't want to downplay Chris's contributions to "Captain Marvel" -- some of the best bits of the issues we did together were his ideas -- but I felt very protective of "my voice" on that book and we were developing stories that I had already, at least roughly, sketched out. Here, on "Ghost," I've let loose of the reins significantly more. I had no plan for the ongoing -- Chris and I came into this together. In fact, the main plot line was his -- the subplot was mine -- at least in the beginning

Ghost is the story of Elisa Cameron, an investigative reporter from Chicago with amnesia who suddenly finds herself in a semi-corporeal form, as she attempts to put together the pieces of her life and discover what exactly happened to her.

Ghost #1 goes on sale in November.


Terry Dodson


Paolo Rivera