Jennifer Love Hewitt plays the Ghost Whisperer and appeared at Comic-Con.What was the uber-sensitive "Ghost Whisperer" crew doing at Comic-Con?

Consider how "Twilight" dominated this convention, "chick stuff" ruled the day. There's no reason why "Ghost Whisperer" can't have its moment, too.

The creators took the opportunity at their panel to announce two product tie-ins coming for "Whisperer" fans.

First, a "Ghost Whisperer" video game is in the works. Entitled "Ghost Whisperer: Shadowlands," the game will have players become Jennifer Love Hewitt's character, Melinda Gordon. I think it's safe to assume you'll prettily and petitely glide about whispering to ghosts and solving their problems. It's not something I'm likely to give up EA Sports' College Football for, but to each her own.

Also, Hewitt is teaming up with IDW Publishing to release her own comic -- "The Music Box." It's not strictly "Ghost Whisperer"-based, but it's Hewitt's baby. The 10-issue anthology series details a music box that causes strange occurrences for the people who possess it.

"The Music Box" hits stands in November.

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