One of the problems with the kind of long-form sequential stories that we usually get in superhero comics is that it can be difficult to cultivate a sense of danger. As much as we suspend our disbelief, and as much as comics can be driven by shakeups, there's no real danger for a character when there's an issue coming out next month with their name right there on the cover. If, however, you're looking for a silver lining to the end of the horror-themed Gotham by Midnight, well, it's a book that doesn't have that problem any longer.

As sad as it is to see the series go, Ray Fawkes and Juan Ferreyra are telling a story where all bets are off. With demons running rampant, the Spectre threatening to destroy Gotham City, and no next issue, there's no guarantee that anyone's going to be left on Page 20 --- especially not when Jim Corrigan has a gun to his head. Check out a preview below!


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Here's the description of the issue from DC:


Written by RAY FAWKES
On sale DECEMBER 23 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T+ • FINAL ISSUE
The final battle for the soul of Gotham City begins, and The Spectre might be facing more than just the ancient spirit called Ikkondrid. What will Corrigan and the Midnight Shift do if they discover that The Spectre is on the wrong side of this fight after all?