For a character who's been on superhero teams since the '40s, the Spectre sure does tend to cause a whole lot of trouble. I mean, sure, sometimes it's the harmless fun of turning criminals into candles and burning them until the wax melts into a pool of eternal torment, but every now and then, the embodiment of the Wrath of God can go a little too far. Which, you know, is probably something someone should've told the Midnight Shift of the Gotham City Police Department.

Alas, the message seems to have gotten to them too late. When Gotham By Midnight #10 by Ray Fawkes and Juan Ferreyra hits stores next Wednesday, Detective Corrigan is going to have a whole lot of trouble keeping his more wrathful half under wraps. Check out a preview below!



It turns out that being investigated by Internal Affairs is not the sort of thing that the Spectre is capable of ignoring, and it also turns out that exploding two investigators like blood-filled water balloons is not a great thing to do when you're under investigation. Who knew?

Here's the official solicitation from DC:


Written by RAY FAWKES
On sale OCTOBER 28 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T+
After the shocking ending of the Internal Affairs investigation into the Midnight Shift, Drake and Corrigan find themselves on the run from the GCPD! Can Corrigan face The Spectre once and for all in order to save Drake…and all of Gotham City?